The words of the Master

Swamiji 2


Dhyana mulam Gurur murtim
Puja mulam, Gurur padam
Mantra mulam, Gurur vakyam
Moksha mulam, Gurur kripa

The root of meditation is in the form of the Guru
The roots of worship are the Lotus Feet of the Guru
The roots of the Mantra are the words of the Guru
The root of liberation is the grace of the Guru



This life is a master novel, written by God, and man would go crazy if he tried to understand it by reason alone. That is why I tell you to meditate more. Enlarge the magic cup of your intuition and then you will be able to hold the ocean of infinite wisdom.

Holy Guruji's living wisdom

The birth of the saint like Hindu Dharm Samrat Paramhans Swami Madhavanandaji is a great blessing for this Bhur Loka and only to remember Him for a moment is also a great blessing for us. Today, on his birthday anniversary we are remembering our beloved Holy Guruji with satsangs in our ashrams all around the world.

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